Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Performance-2022

The Inland and Aquaculture production was reported as 116,890 Mt during 2022 which was an increase of 12,440 Mt. over that in 2021. The inland fish production mainly from perennial reservoirs and seasonal reservoirs was increased by 18% to 100,930 Mt compared to 2021.
Mainly the proper management of the waterbodies with community participation, fish fingerling and freshwater prawn post larvae stocking in reservoirs has been adapted for increase of inland fish and aquaculture production.

Note: Freshwater prawn post larvae stocking were decrease compared to 2021 due to decrease in freshwater prawn post larvae production in hatcheries due to artemia importation restrictions, electricity cut downs

Source: Ministry of Fisheries and Export Development Board

Note: 2022 Export earnings were reduced due to low price in export market