Shrimp Farm Monitoring And Extension Unit

Shrimp Farm Monitoring & Extension unit - Battuluoya was established in 2004 in order to monitor and regulate the Shrimp Farm industry in Puttalam district.


Brackish water Fish Health Management and Environmental Monitoring Laboratory Complex

Aquatic Resources Development and Quality Improvement project funded the establishmentof a laboratory complex in 2009, to upgrade the shrimp aquaculture industry. This has following service laboratories.

• PCR laboratory
• Fish health laboratory
• Water quality laboratory
• Plankton laboratory

 Following services are provided at this laboratory for shrimp / fish farmers.

• PCR tests  for white spot disease
• MonodonBacculo Virus test
• Post larvae Quality test
• Water quality monitoring
• Disease diagnosis

Address: Shrimp Farm Monitoring and Extension Unit, Rest House Road, Battuluoya.
Contact No. : +94 – 323326666