About us

The National Aquaculture Development Authority (NAQDA) coming under the purview of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources was established in 1999 by the Parliamentary Act (No. 53 of 1998). It is the main state sponsored organization mandated the development of the aquaculture and inland fisheries sector in Sri Lanka.


Our mandate is to:

  • Develop aquaculture and aquaculture operations, with a view to increase fish production and fish consumption in the country
  • Promote the creation of employment opportunities through the development of inland and coastal aquaculture
  • Promote the farming of high valued fish species including ornamental fish for export
  • Facilitate optimum utilization of aquatic resources through eco- friendly aquaculture practices
  • Promote and establish small, medium and large scale private sector investments in aquaculture
  • Conserve and rehabilitate aquatic resources devastated by poor aquaculture practices