Brackish Water Shrimp Hatchery - Puthukudirippu - Batticaloa


Brackish water shrimp hatchery at Puthukudirippu, Batticaloa was established under the Aquatic Resource Development and Quality Improvement Project of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Developmentin 2010. This hatchery covers an area of 1.51 ha and has production capacity of 20 million post larvae per annum.
This hatchery will supply post larvae for existing shrimp farms and for stock enhancement of the lagoons in the Eastern Province. The stocking of post larvae enhances the population of shrimps in the lagoons thus creating a shrimp fishery and creating livelihoods to the coastal communities in the Eastern Province.

The hatchery is managed by Taprobane Frozen Foods (Pvt) Ltd under a Public - Private